I underrated Javascript; I used to think of it just as a means to an end, but it can actually be the only thing you need.

I work professionally as a Junior Developer for more than a year now; before that, I graduated as a Software Engineer, and before that, I studied Computer Science in High School.
I still have a lot to learn, I am curious and try every day to learn something new, this is probably one of the reasons why I was able to land a job with a language I had never studied before: JavaScript.

I know, if we really count how many years I’ve spent studying Computer Science it seems a little bit odd; truth is, academically I have seen mainly…

It’s time to build your first React-Native app and have fun learning about this technology… Ready?

Rock Paper Scissor — React Native + Expo Tutorial

This React Native tutorial is aimed at introducing React Native and give some basics knowledge about what it is and how to create a simple app and deploy it.

There are no pre-requisites for this tutorial, but you mind find it easier to follow it if you already know a bit about React and JavaScript. I will try to summarize some basic concepts about the technology that will be used in this tutorial, if you are already familiar with that feel free to skip to the juicier part of the article :)

Through the following links, you can try/watch the…

I had one startup, four co-founders, and a gazillion of problems. Little did I know that the bigger one was right in front of us.

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No one knows the exact recipes for a successful startup, this might be one of the reasons why each day so many startups borns and die.

I was 25, a Software Engineer who had very little knowledge about startups and fresh out of college, eager to prove myself, and willing to work crazy hours to chase a dream. Problem was, it was not exactly MY dream!

Allow me to add some background to this story…

I graduated last year as a software engineer and started working ASAP. This year taught me a lot and not even the COVID stopped me.

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

After taking some days with my family and celebrate that important scholarly achievement, I immediately started searching for a job. I wanted something that I could enjoy and close to home initially, so I decided to make a list of all the companies nearby and used their website “work with us” section or to sent cold emails to introduce myself. It actually worked pretty well, I was honest and I think most of the recruiter appreciated that.

I knew I was a new grad and that the best thing I could offer was goodwill and a huge desire to learn…

I have been alive for 25 years now in this world. For the most part it has been a smooth ride but I also encountered some downs that taught me a lot.

25 Years of Consuelo Sanna

Over the last year, a lot of things have changed and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how different my life is. 2020 was the 25th year of my life and also the year of the Covid-19. Before it all happened, I had recently graduated as a Software Engineer, I was admitted into a program for startups and just started an internship in a really good company.

2020 started…

We all know what a Startup is, chances are that if you are reading this article you have at least dreamt about working in one or founding one. But what does the contamination has to do with it?

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Last year I had one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I was accepted in a program called “Contamination Lab”, informally known as “CLab”. …

I am lucky, and probably you are too.

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This August I met a girl, she is only sixteen and had a hell of a life, but not in a fun and good way. I am sure there are people who had seen worst, but this was the first time that things like that crossed my life.

I am a 25 years old girl, I live in a pretty small town in Sardegna (Italy) and I’ve always walked by myself even in the middle of the night.
This should be normal, I remember that several times I walked my dog at…

Another year has passed, it is time to look back and decide how you want your future to be.

new year resolutions
new year resolutions
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I am currently 25 and I have noticed that I work better when I have a defined goal in my mind. Sadly, I did not reach every 2020 goal I had set for myself, I started incredibly good, and then... well, I am not sure what happened, that is why I think it is important for me and everyone who decide to set new resolutions for this year to make a summary of the last one.

I know that the 2020 was an incredible weird year, basically the world we knew changed and a lot of people had to deal…

Consuelo Sanna

I am an Italian Software Engineer passionate about technologies and new challenges. I still have a lot to learn and I’ll try to share experiences and solutions

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